Yes We Can

My name is Darrell Edgley. I am a resident of the state of North Carolina, but not a US citizen. I moved to the United States in June 2001. I am supporting Barack Obama to be President of the United States. As an alien I can not vote, I am giving him and his campaign "MY TIME" and I have made financial contributions too. I have canvassed door to door in South Carolina and in Virginia.

9th February 2008 in Richmond Virginia

25/26th January 2008 in Florence South Carolina (date of SC Primary)

Triangle NC people supporting Obama in Virginia

Yes We Can video

Not McCain video

My Obama Blog

If you are a US citizen .... PLEASE DO VOTE. Apathy is not the solution. When you go to vote, please think about which candidate will give you and your children, our future generation the best future. I think you will acknowledge that is Barack Obama.
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