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Energy and Resource Saving

    The saving of energy and natural resources is very topical at this time (2007). The International Scientific Community are aligned behind the view that our collective fossil fuel burning is raising the global climate, but there is some dispute as to the prognosis, some believe a warmer world is beneficial, however the majority are concerned. They are concerned as to the ultimate impact, potential stronger storms, rising sea level, warmer summers, the impact on Winter temperatures (some places may get hotter), others may get colder (e.g. Northern Europe).
    Personally, I share these concerns and this page is about what I AND MY WIFE are doing about it in our own lifes. We know that there is more we could do, we think of this as a start, and would like others to consider what they can do too. Every little helps. Saving Energy and Resources also saves money (but we know in many circumstanances you need to spend money first).
    In the following section we list items by their relative costs:
    No money down
  • Drive slower, on highways cruise at 60mph
  • Drive with windows closed, open windows can increase fuel consumption by up to 4%
  • In the winter, reduce your heat from temperature by 1 degree (to 68F/20C)
  • In the summer, increase your cool to temperature by 1 degree (to 80F/26C)
  • Turn off lights and appliances when you are not using them
  • Only heat water when you need it
  • Be aware of "Phantom Loads", these are devices such as TV's that use power when in Standby mode
  • Recycle (paper, cardboard, glass, batteries, cell phones etc)
  • Car pool, and combine trips
  • Buy local produce

    Less than $100
  • Replace traditional (incandescent) bulbs with Compact Florescent (CFL) bulbs
  • Maintain heating and cooling systems, replace filters quarterly
  • Install programmable Themostats in your home (ideally 7 day, or 5+2 day)
  • In the summer, use fans and add 4F (2C) to the cool to temperature (fans are cheaper to run than AC). Turn fans off when not in the room as "fans cool people not rooms" (the wind chill effect)
  • Purchase water efficient devices such as Aerators and efficient shower heads